Enry’s Island Africa, our local company based in Nairobi, hosted its first Investor Day

Enry's Island Africa Investor day

On Thursday, 21 July 2022 Enry’s Island Africa hosted its first Investor day at Hemingways hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Metaverse. The “phygital” event was a success with over 100 people in Metaverse (on Voxels, 1 Enry’s Island Route) and sold out for the invitations in the physical space. It was an opportunity to meet our CEOs, to discover the Enry’s Island ecosystem and learn about our plan to create the next ESG unicorns in Africa and around the world.

Enry’s Island Africa is the local company of the Global Enry’s Island S.p.A, focused on the Commitment Asset provided for all the Islands of our Archipelago. Enry’s Island Africa  incubates and accelerates start-ups with massive growth potential around the World.Its focus is on businesses that prioritise the sustainable impact on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

The Investor Day was hosted by Mikali Sapani, CEO of Enry’s Island Africa and also Founder of luxury brand MIKALI SAPANI. Her company is one of the first companies to be incubated under Enry’s Island Africa.

Mikali Sapani affirmed that the global business creation space sees potential in the African continent.

Mikali Sapani - CEO Enry's Island Africa

Mikali Sapani – CEO Enry’s Island Africa

“We look forward to receiving applications as Enry’s Island Africa, we will start with four start-ups a year and depending on how we grow we will be incubating more businesses. We are hoping that these companies will grow to be the next unicorns and decacorns.” said Mikali Sapani.

We were also joined virtually by the Founder and Chairman of Enry’s Island S.p.A Luigi V.  Rinaldi as well as CEO of Enry’s Island UK and Founder of BLK, Gabriele Dadò.

They both gave a presentation explaining in depth the organizational model, processes and tools, start-ups within the Enry’s Island portfolio have at their disposal.  

Rinaldi gave the attendees insights into the monumental opportunity entrepreneurs can access through Enry’s Island.

Luigi V. Rinaldi, founder di Enry’s Island, con un artwork in stile vaporwave di Enry’s Island

Luigi V. Rinaldi – Founder & Chairman Enry’s Island

“You can build and manage your business with our big three-layer infrastructure and in addition to this, Enry’s Island has over 30 companies in our portfolio and over 800 stakeholders from around the world. Through our platform HUI.land you can manage your business from anywhere in the world.” Luigi V. Rinaldi said.

The Enry’s Island Africa Investor Day was also joined by many on our exciting interactive Metaverse Voxel.

Enry’s Island Africa is looking forward to unearthing Africa’s next global startup.

Are you in? Find out more from Enry’s Island website or write to us at africa@enrysisland.com

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